It's Time to Prepare Yourself for Your New Career!

Here�s a quick list of the benefits of certification and degree programs.

Get the skills you need for today's jobs. Earn bigger raises, faster promotion or a new career in the field of your choice.

Certification and diploma programs are highly time-effective if you have to finish your education quickly. Certification courses sometimes consist of 6-8 weeks, and a series of certification courses can often be completed in a few months.

Certificate and diploma programs tend to build on skills you already have, allowing you to jump right in to specialized area of studies. Even those courses that teach the basics tend to focus on the skills you’ll need to succeed – how to use technologies relevant to your field, how to use computer programs in your field, etc. – the second you leave the classroom.

Certificate and diploma programs are typically less expensive than a bachelor�s or master�s degree program. In addition, since they�re often designed with working professionals in mind, they tend to be offered online, at night, or on the weekends. That means you�ll be able to work (and keep those paychecks coming in) while you�re in school.

While most undergraduate and graduate programs often involve lengthy application and enrollment processes, many certificate and diploma programs do not have minimum or prior education requirements.

Many people who enroll in certificate and degree programs are already accredited professionals in their field. This means that your classmates � who you may work with on group projects, discussion topics, and lab assignments � are also your future colleagues and possibly employers. Kill two birds with one stone and use your time in the classroom to also make valuable business contacts.

Some certificate and diploma programs offer students the chance to perform internships and externships. These experiences give you valuable, hands-on training in your field; a chance to build your resume; and a chance to meet and network with future employers and colleagues.

Career Program Directory - find the career that is right for you
accounting 1-yr certificate
administrative assistant
appliance repair
auto technician
basic electronics
bridal consultant
business management
certified personal trainer
child day care
computer graphic artist
dental assistant
diesel mechanics
dog obedience trainer
dressmaking & design
electronics technician
fitness & nutrition
floral design
forensic computer examiner
freelance writer
furniture & cabinet maker
graphic design 1-yr certificate
high school diploma
home remodeling & repair
hotel/restaurant management
home inspector
HVAC technician
interior decorator
jewelry design & repair
legal secretary
legal transcriptionist
medical coding & billing
medical office assistant
medical transcriptionist
motorcycle repair technician
occupational therapy aide
pc maintenance & repair
pharmacy technician
physical therapy aide
private investigator
small business management
small engine repair
spanish certificate
teacher aide
travel/tourism specialist
veterinary assistant
wildlife/forestry conservation

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